This dream seemed to be impossible…



Mel & Andy had just obtained their pilot licenses…





It became a bigger adventure than expected…


5 Continents – 2 Pilots – 1 Dream

There are a number of ways to travel around the world. One way is to do it the fastest in order to set a world record. Another way is to take your time and visit the parts of the world you want to visit. A married couple from Germany chose the “trip of a lifetime” route.

PSF Magzine | USA

Weltflug in the media

Preview of the series

Childhood Dream: Flying Car

This story is not about world records. It is about dreams. When Andreas Stuetz was a little boy he did not miss any episode of his favorite TV series about a flying car, which can also land on water. Andreas told his Mum that as an adult he is going to travel the world in a vehicle like this. She laughed and said: “Boys and their dreams”. His later wife Melanie grew up in East Germany and her childhood dream was to travel without any frontiers, best as cosmonaut. Melanie is not an astronaut yet, but the first female pilot on the world tour by gyrocopter - a kind of flying car in real.

Andreas and Melanie Stuetz learnt everything they needed to take off in Europe, Africa, Australia & New Zealand, the USA and South America. Between the continents the gyrocopter was shipped. Andy and Mel used this time to visit projects of the childrens’ charity terre des hommes in South Africa, India, Thailand, Peru and Bolivia. The organization is named after Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s memoir “Terre des hommes” (English title: Wind, Sand and Stars). The pilot couple asked local children about their dreams. And with the marketing of the Weltflug project in book & movie they support them to make childhood dreams come true! More info: article | PSF Magazine, USA.

Book & Movie

Weltflug Hardcover (German) - Limited Edition incl. photos
Be ready for departure to a fantastic world tour by gyrocopter. Fly through the most beautiful landscapes in Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the USA & South America. What about the German edition incl. a personal dedication? 1-5 complete set Blu-rays (English/German) - Limited Edition
The complete series (1 Europe, 2 Africa, 3 Australia & New Zealand, 4 USA & 5 South America) in thrilling 205 minutes is the result of 5 years of production time.
Weltflug Paperback & Kindle Edition (English)
Melanie and Andreas Stütz had just passed their pilot training shortly before taking off on this first adventure of its kind. A true story that literally gives wings. Now available as English paperback edition, also as a gift!


BRAVO BRAVO !!!!!!!! I received the DVDs this morning , all are wonderful

Hubert | Andorra

I just started watching your blu rays & i find them really inspirational.

Andrea | Italy

I loved every part of the book ! What an adventure !

Guilherme | Brazil

Wow. Fantastic!!!! Amazing!!!! Congratulations to both of you.

Bert | Thailand

Your story really grab me deeply.

Louis | South Africa

Weltflug is an adventure story in the truest sense of the term, and will keep you gripped until the end.

Pilot Magazine | UK

Flying like James Bond.

Thueringer Allgemeine | Germany

The Gyrocopter World Tour.

Plane & Pilot Magazine | USA

This trip of a lifetime shows: dreams can literally give wings.

Pacific Flyer Magazine | Australia

Weltflug Team

Enjoy this show of selected photos! The readers of the Paperback WELTFLUG - The Gyroplane Dream will recognize the story behind each picture. More on movie.

The arrival of the Weltflug team in Brazil was documented on TV. This interview explains the technical details of the gyroplane and the motivation for this project.

Weltflug Gallery

Air Safari Kalahari Desert
Wellington International Airport
Lifeline Humboldt Bay
Elephant’s Eye South Africa
Fingerprint New Zealand
“Surfin’ U.S.A.” Hawaii
Heartfelt Wish Down Under
American Indian Grand Canyon
“Come Fly With Me...”

Get to know more about why Mel and Andy started this project. Enjoy this “trip of a lifetime” at home with your edition of the movie & book.

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    The Next Big Adventure
    During the past years, Melanie and Andreas Stütz have been repeatedly asked what the next big adventure is going to be. Now is the time to raise the curtain.
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